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Master Chef Joly

Belgian born Master Chef Daniel Joly graduated from the Culinary Institute of Brussels in 1986. He trained at the best tables of renowned Belgian restaurants, such as Comme Chez Soi and Barbizon.

After a short stop in South Carolina, Daniel arrived in Beaver Creek as chef- manager for Mirabelle Restaurant in 1992. He and his wife Nathalie purchased Mirabelle at Beaver Creek in April 1999, Mirabelle and Chef Joly’s unique cooking style have been acclaimed by numerous publications and institutions such as Wine Spectator, the James Beard House, Zagat, Mobile (four stars), Ski Magazine and Bon Appetit, to mention just a few. Chef Joly also hosts the popular “Something’s Cooking with Daniel” onVail‘s TV8.

Chef Joly is a certified Belgian Master Chef and takes great pride in his work but if you ask him what gives him the most satisfaction of all his awards and accomplishments he will simply say that awards and peer recognition are great but a customer complimenting him for a great dining experience is the best of all “That what keeps me going, I enjoy making guests happy…That is why I love cooking and what I do”.

Not Just Another Cookbook

Master Chef Daniel Joly marries flavors and techniques he has
learned during his world travels into an easy to follow cookbook
that enables an average home cook to prepare world-class cuisine.

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