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It is believed that Mirabelle stands on the site of the first home in the Valley of Beaver Creek, the log residence of George Townsend, who settled here in 1881-82.

He also built the big barn across the lane to the east. John Howard, who called his place the Avondale Ranch, replaced Townsend’s house with the west wing of the present building about 1898.  The remainder of the front portion of the restaurant, including the porch, was added by Gulling Offerson, and later owner Willis Nottingham were all cattlemen, though Nottingham also raised sheep.

As the largest residence in the heart of old Avon, it was the site of many community meetings and social gatherings.  The rear portion of the building was added for the restaurant in 1981, using the architectural style established in the original wings. Mirabelle was opened in 1982.

Reverend Don Simonton – Local Historian